foundation repair cost

How To Ensure Your Home’s Foundation Is Trouble-Free

Whether you bought your home or inherited it, your concern would be that it remain in prime condition for as long as possible. As much as you may hope that all is well and it actually looks like everything is okay, you can truly rest easy only when you’re sure that that are no potential threats or hidden problematic issues in your home. Foundation issues in old homes are not uncommon, but they are not irreparable either. This post will get you in the know of foundation repair cost issues.

How Much Does It Cost To Put in a Foundation?

foundation repair cost

When it comes to determining foundation repair costs, it’s wise to start by finding out what it takes to install a new foundation. Several factors determine the ultimate cost of the foundation, as explained in the following post:

Most foundations are defined as deep or shallow. A shallow design is set about three feet into the soil, with concrete pads extending below the frost line, transferring load from the walls to the earth. Another type of shallow foundation is called slab-on-grade. This type transfers load to the earth through a slab of concrete.

A deep foundation is used when soil conditions are more difficult, like building on the side of a hill, or if the structure must be raised to prevent flooding. These can be made from steel, wood, or either reinforced or pre-tensioned concrete. They will sometimes penetrate the bedrock, so it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a structural engineer. Read more at Home Advisor…

Apart from the depth of the foundation, other aspects like the design, the materials or the labor intensity used in the process of installing the foundation play an important role in determining the final cost.

How to estimate foundation repair cost

foundation repair cost

Once you or a professional have inspected your home’s foundation and found some signs of structural damage to the house, estimating the cost is a logical concern that would come to mind. The following post describes the factors that determine foundation repair costs:

4 Factors That Determine the Cost of Foundation Repair in Houston TX

A sinking foundation can be repaired without having to tear it all out. Have you checked for a cost estimate in Houston? The cost associated with any type of foundation repair generally tends to be on the higher end. The good news is, the more educated you are about the different types of foundations, the better equipped you will be at selecting the right contractor and finding a solution for your home…

#1 Damaged Foundation

If the foundation was built on low-quality compressible fill soil, expansive clay, or has been neglected for a long period of time, serious damage may have occurred. Read more at ABC Foundation Repair…

There are different foundation repair options you can choose, but they are determined by the kind of problem you’re trying to deal with.

How much does it cost to fix a foundation of a house?

foundation repair cost

Based on the cause of the damage to the foundation of your house, you can estimate the foundation repair cost. The following post delves into this concern, considering the possible courses of action to be taken:


Once you’ve identified that your home has foundation problems, the biggest worry is often associated with how much a proper repair is going to cost. It’s easy to understand that homeowners would prefer not to have to spend money on a structural issue. But once a problem is identified, smart homeowners acknowledge that that cost of repair is often times quite reasonable considering they’ll be protecting what is likely their biggest investment – their home. Read more at Thrasher…

You’ll do well to work with an experienced foundation repair company which will advise you and render the services you require. If you reside in Grand Prairie, TX and are looking for a foundation repair company near you, Texas Foundation Pros is your ultimate solution.

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