signs of foundation problems

3 Things You Need To Know About Foundation Problems

The truth is that foundation problems are not catastrophic events – like a hurricane or a flood. They develop slowly over time, and eventually become a real threat to the stability of your home if not given the attention they require. Luckily, the signs of foundation problems are not a secret, neither are they invisible to the human eye. You can detect them if you’re observant. However, if they escape your notice, be sure your local foundation contractor will not miss them.

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

signs of foundation problems

The same way you can sense a heavy downpour is on its way when the sky turns dark, the signs of foundation problems are often plain to see. The following post describes some of them in detail:

5 Big Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

As the leading experts in foundation repair, restoration, and replacement in the Ottawa region for decades, we’ve seen our fair share of foundation issues. One thing that all these projects had in common was that the foundation started showing signs of needing repair long before we were called. Unfortunately, many homeowners and building owners do not recognize the signs of foundation issues before they become very big (and very expensive) problems. Here are five things that you can look out for to catch issues before they become serious: Read more at The Foundation Experts…

It’s important to do something as soon as you notice even a slight problem with your foundation, such as the ground sinking around the foundation. When it comes to foundation issues, a stitch in time will definitely save nine!

Can you fix foundation problems?

signs of foundation problems

If you have noticed some signs of foundation problems, but are not sure whether they’re all that serious, it’s always best to play it safe. Most foundation problems can easily be fixed early on, but failure to do so will be costly, as the following post explains:

The 10 Biggest Consequences of Postponing Foundation Repair

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re not a fan of unexpected surprises that can stretch your budget. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, unexpected expenses come with the territory of being a homeowner. Foundation problems certainly fall into that category, and they also often qualify as one of the more expensive home repairs you can do.

What Causes a Home’s Foundation to Deteriorate?

When your home is built on clay-heavy soils that expand or contract as it absorbs or loses moisture, this process will cause your foundation to either heave or sag, putting it under so much stress that it can eventually start to crack, losing its strength and structural integrity over time. Read more at Olshan Foundation Solutions…

If you have a sinking foundation and think it may be costly to repair it, remember that your home is directly correlated to your own safety. You can’t really put a price on that, can you?

Is foundation damage covered by homeowners insurance?

signs of foundation problems

The rule of thumb when it comes to insurance policies is to read the fine print. Additionally, the following post offers guidance on the general terms and conditions given by insurance companies concerning foundations:

Wear and Tear vs. Sudden Incident

Insurance policies typically don’t cover anything occurring over time deemed wear and tear or regular scheduled maintenance tasks…

Conversely, sudden incidents are often covered. A pipe bursting suddenly, damaging the foundation, would likely be covered, depending on your insurance company and policy coverage…

Specialty Foundation Policies

Because it can be difficult to see an ongoing problem with the foundation, there are specialty policies that cover cracks, shifts, and damage to foundations due to unstable settlement or upheaval. These aren’t catch-all policies, but they do fill in some of the gaps if you have concerns about your new home. Read more at SFGate…

Basically, the signs of foundation damage are clear and could disqualify you from claiming compensation from your insurance provider.  The good news is that you can work out a way to get compensated for foundation repairs, even if not fully.

Grand Prairie, TX residents have little to worry about when it comes to foundation problems, since Texas Foundation Pros has been serving them for decades in identifying foundation sinking causes and effectively carrying out foundation sinking repair services, among others. Call us on (469) 445-2208 to get a free quote or visit our website for more information.