Your Answers To Common Concrete Foundation Repair Questions

Compared to others, a concrete foundation is one of the easiest foundations to install. However, the ease of setting it up does not eliminate the need for home foundation repair over time. Repair is usually done to deal with the natural consequences of processes such as settling. This can affect the concrete foundation walls, and it could even result in foundation sinking in one corner. In light of these and other effects of foundation settling, it’s important to address potential problems as early as possible to avert future damage.

concrete foundation repair

What is a foundation repair?

Just as any other repair process involves reversing the effects of damage to it, concrete foundation repair is done to restore it to its original state. The following post explains foundation repair in depth:

Methods and Materials of Foundation Repair

Each home is different, so each repair job is customized to fit the specific project.

Foundation Leveling

First, we stabilize the sinking portions of your foundation by driving steel piers (also known as piles) into the load-bearing soils beneath your home. Once these piers are load bearing, we attach them to heavy-duty brackets under your foundation footer, then jack that portion of your home back to its level state. Read more at Kent Home Services…

The style used to repair your foundation will depend on the cause of the damage. As such, concrete foundation repair isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house?

concrete foundation repair

The time required to fix your foundation depends on a number of factors. The following post looks into one of them in detail:


Before work begins, find out if you need a permit for foundation repair. If you’re employing a reputable contractor, they will be able to answer that question. In the event that an initial structural engineer’s report is necessary, it’s should be the contractor’s responsibility to secure the permit for you. Keep in mind that almost all sizable Texas cities, including Arlington, Plano, Irving, Fort Worth and Dallas, do require them. Read more at HD Foundation Repair…

You need to appreciate that there are other factors beyond the actual concrete foundation repair work that needs to be taken into consideration before work can be done. These may affect the duration of the foundation repair process.

Is foundation repair covered by insurance?

concrete foundation repair

Homeowners often ask this question because foundation repair can be costly. As is the case with any insurance policy, foundation repair is governed by certain rules, as the following post explains:

Are Crumbling Foundations Covered by Home Insurance?

The cost to repair a foundation can be significant. Most homeowners purchase a home expecting to never have to worry about this part of their home. However, many homes experience foundation complications at one time or another.

Cracks and settling of the home are not uncommon. This is truer in homes that are newer. However, it can happen to any house over time. The changes in surrounding land grading can be a key factor. For some homeowners, home insurance may be able to cover the cost of the foundation repairs. Read more at Garland Insurance…

Get all the details you need before you make a claim from your insurance company. If that is not feasible, you could discuss with the foundation repair company about financing options.

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